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Will it Fit My Bike

The Sunstar e-bike system fits most bikes so for 98% of you the answer will be yes. To avoid disappointment please measure your bottom bracket shell by measuring the part of the bike frame between the pedals and within which the axle/spindle that joins them runs. It should be between 68mm and 70mm to work.

If your bottom bracket meets these requirements then the sunstar system should make a good fit. In the unlikely event that you have checked this and it does not make a good fit all you stand to loose is the cost of return postage. Unsure about the measurements? If you are unsure about the measurements please visit one of our dealers who will be able to help you. If you are not close to a dealer please use the home fitting service. Please note if you book the home fitting service and the system does not fit £80 will be deducted from the refund towards costs once the system is returned. If you have any questions or wish to check your bike model please email doesitfit@sparticlebikes.com