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Sparticle 3648V

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Brand: Sparticle
Product Code: S886 3848V
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Sparticle 3648V is the smartest 36V and 48V eBike motor controller available anywhere. It can drive both sensored and sensorless motors with a tiny form factor and weight. No matter what brushless motor you have just connect it and go.

At 36V this system runs at 250W and peaks at 1Kw when needed so you'll never be defeated by a hill.

At 48V this controller will peak at 1.5Kw with a current of 20A. It will operate nominally at 500W to ensure you don't hit your battery hard when you don't need to. Having a lower nominal power means that the system runs more efficiently only building the power when needed.

The integraterd LCD throttle control ensures that you get all of the information and control you need in a simple package using only 2 buttons.

Fitting is as easy as possible with just one connection to the handlebars, one to the power and the motor.

Optional connections include:

  • PAS (Pedal assist) programmable for magnet number
  • Lights - connect 6V front and rear lights

Programmable Options via the LCD Throttle include:

  • Voltage 24V, 36V, 48V - for 24V you need the 24V controller.
  • Wheel size - 16" to 29"
  • Motor magnet number - for correct speed reading
  • PAS disc magnet number
  • MPH or KPH
  • Assist levels
  • Throttle function - zero start or only when pedalling
  • Top speed, Power intensity & sensitivity (match to motor)

This is the smart electric Bike system ready for your eBike project.

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